The Trials of Dirty Saint Nick- A Raunchy Christmas Play

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Ho Ho Ho motherf*ckers!!!
A Merry almost Christmas and Happy  fuckin’ Hanukkah to you dirty, naughty, and despicable children out there. This is your lawyer Lola Rose, Esq to inform you that all 8 reindeers have been summoned to court to testify against that motherf*cker we call Santa Claus down. Is he guilty or innocent ? You be the judge
Dasher: Lolita VaVoom
Cupid: Afro Disiac
Hollywood: Bleach
Blitzen: Nancy
Comet: Javier Cerrada
Dancer: Harpy Fatale
Donner: Daddy Dyke
Vixen: Chiqui Love
Judge: Danielle Hoagland
Lawyer: Lola Rose
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