Hullabaloo Cabaret im Starken August

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Twisted Sideshow
Consists of a fearless and ferocious trio.
They have come to entertain you and to wake up out of the dephts of winter hibernation…
Let me present to you Enjo Flint, he is everyone’s favourite janitor! With a little bit of madness and a comical twist he makes pain his middle name! And who knew that cleaning could be such a magical experience
Then we have Princess Tweedle Needle
Don’t be fooled by her charming comical character for she lifts the strangest objects with even stranger body parts. Sideshow is her middle name and she devours flames like you would gummi bears
And last but defenitly not least we have the amazing Zora van der Blast this Twisted lady is a bona-fide Heartbreaker not only does she have the strongest ass in the universe! She also has a very special appetite for sharp shiny objects
This trio coming from a wide variety of circus backgrounds, cabaret and theatrte, have put together a comical stuntshow that pushes the boundaries of what is humanly possible!
They combine Circus, classical sideshow, comedy, physical theatre and put their own special Twist to it!!
So let them take you on a wild ride, make you cry with laughter, shock and amaze you!


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