GEILOBINGO Premiere | PJ XXV – Psycho-Kicks | 25 YRS of Psycho-Jones

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Lade Veranstaltungen
Psycho-Jones is back in White & Sleazy Denim!
The Bingo Constitution:
Every Gamer gets one Bingo Coupon & a Pen/Pencil
A person from the audience or the Team is announced to be the Bingo Princess & turns the bingo drum!
The Bingo Princess does not attend the bingo as the others,
but gets a small prize & drinks all snapsshots anyway!
– Traced or mentioned numbers are to be ticked on the Coupon.
– Do not tick numbers first, as in the classic lottery, for example.
– The empty fields of the coupons are irrelevant to the game.
SUPERBINGO = Full House or 5 ticked numbers in a row
SNAPSZAHLSNAPS = Snapzahl (double number) of the coupon is called.
Take off & drop off at the before marked Point Zero as the first gamer to get a free Snapszahlsnaps at the Bingo Table.
If there are two participants at the same time, there is a Twinsnapsnumber Snapsshot for both.
69’s SHOT = Participants with the 69 on the coupon must run quickly to Point Zero and hit it.
The first two each get a 69 shot and have to drink & kiss!
MINIBINGO = when all Superbingos are used up & there are still small prizes left, these will be given to the next people as consolation prizes that will fulfill the bingo status.
The game ends when all prizes have been awarded & all snapshots have been drawn.
There are also multiple bingo’s at once possible.
Only one bingo per person and ticket is possible, so that the others have a chance to win some shit, too 😉
A few special rules and procedures are explained spontaneously on site
Everyone from the age of 18 or older is invited to join.
Psycho Bingo Language: German. English. Psychic.
Attendance is free.
PSYCHO-JONEs dj action
Psycho-Jones is throwing his Frisbee Vinyl Slices onto the Turntables to make u dance till you drop…
Freakbeat, Soul, Boogaloo, Rare Grooves, Kraut, Disco, Punk, Wave, Synthiepop, Acid & Modern Gems
plus Vectrex Video-Game, Live Tambourine Percussion
& some surprises !
lets meet at SISYFASS for a wilde Bingo Dingo Flamingo Bongo Peng!!
In the Bingo Universe are we all equal…


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