Starkes Show Special “an Evening with the Dames”

Lade Veranstaltungen

Es ist Wooochenende & der Starke August verwandelt sich endlich wieder in ein funkelndes Zirkuszelt – it’s SHOWTIME!!!
HEUTE mit einem SPECIAL:

Dame Shirley Knott and Madame Eve have been throwing Singalong Piano Shows around Berlin for the last year now. Eve is a classically trained pianist and Shirley a cabaret singer. Together they take the audience on a journey with pop songs, improvised lyrics, sultry sexy piano lounging, and plenty of camp games and audience interaction. Shirley Knott improvises songs for the hosting, and now and then treats the audience to a pop cover with well known lyrics so the crowd can sing along. There is also a lyric book with over 80 songs which the audience can come along and sing a song.

The pair have performed at Soho House, Monster Ronson’s, and Tipsy Bear.

Shirley Knott is a Killer Queen from across the channel. Big lips and a voice, big tits and a heart, and usually flashing her knickers. Compared to a summer’s day do roses smell as sweet? Surely not. Shirley is the drag queen persona of NANCY- the shape shifter of Berlin.

Eve is a musician, model, and stage designer. She was recently featured in Vogue Italia walking for Namillia, she is the hottest girl in Berlin. Eve is a classically trained pianist and can play almost any song on request after a quick google of the sheet music. Eve is also a set designer and created the to scale grand piano for the event.

Wir legen euch nahe rechtzeitig Plätze zu reservieren, wenn ihr die Shows sehen möchtet! ❤
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!!! bitte seid für eure Reservierungen bis spätestens 19.30 Uhr da – Showtime ist 20.00 Uhr !!!


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